Why Choose Propane

Propane helps low carbon, energy efficient farming

Did you know that propane gas is used by 60 million Americans? That’s more people than the combined populations of New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In fact, the combined total of all folks living in the states of New York, Illinois, and California, is still not 60 million people!

Why do all these people use propane gas? Propane gas saves them money on monthly energy bills when they use it to run furnaces, water heaters, ranges, dryers, air conditioners, swimming pool heaters, outdoor grills and lights, backup electric generators, and even their cars. But that’s not all…

Propane is a clean fuel and is much better for the environment than many other energy sources. You might even call it a solution to pollution. In fact, propane gas is one of the clean-burning fuels named in the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.

Propane gas is produced in America – a fact that keeps thousands of your neighbors and friends employed producing America’s own energy source.

Propane is safe to use, and there are documented statistics to back this up. Many national, state, and local organizations put forth a great deal of effort to keep this proven safety record intact.

Propane is also portable – it can go anywhere at any time, even beyond natural gas lines. All the benefits of using gas are available to you wherever you live or work.