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The FY19 Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program

The FY19 Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program (AFIP) is now open effective July 1, 2018. The FY19 AFIP is intended to aid in the development of alternative fuel refilling/charging infrastructure in the state of Maryland. As such, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) anticipates issuing one or more grants to applicants for the installation of alternative fuel refilling/charging stations in Maryland.

The FY19 AFIP now extends project eligibility to private natural gas and propane fueling stations. DC fast charger stations and ethanol fueling stations are still required to be publicly accessible.

Awards will be issued on a competitive basis. Applications are now being accepted through December 31, 2018.​ For more information on the program, including the guidelines and application form, please visit the program website at:

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 PERC “Pull the Plug” Campaign

Videos: There are new videos for the homeowner audience and construction professionals. Marketers should share the videos so the audiences can learn about the benefits of propane water heating, and why it’s important to replace old water heaters before it’s too late. Marketers should tell builders, plumbers, and realtors to visit this website, watch the new video, and download the specialized resources. This is still a great website where marketers can send homeowners to watch a video and take the Know Your Water Heater quiz.  

Realtor Brochure (PDF): Marketers can give this piece to realtors to use while talking to potential buyers of a home with a propane water heater. Many realtors may not be advertising propane as an upsell.

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